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Why Should You Use 3D Laser Scanning Services?

Why Should You Use 3D Laser Scanning Services?

3D laser scanning has emerged swiftly in the past few years as the leading way to accurately capture, scan and create working floor plans and models for architectural design and construction build. But why is this?

While the old methods of floor plans and blueprint creation may have worked wonders in years gone by, 3D laser scanners and laser scanning technology are providing a new level of accuracy, efficiency and competence in spatial analysis and reporting.

Here are a few thoughts as to why hiring a top 3D laser scanning company in Bolton might be worth your while.

3D laser scanning provides unbeatable accuracy

When it comes to undertaking a comprehensive survey of your building or premises, accuracy is crucial. Failure to get the right dimensions down pat could result in major time and financial loss further down the project. What’s more, you could risk seriously disappointing your clients.

3D point cloud scanning revolves around the use of a specialist scanner. For example, our experts use pioneering FARO technology, leaders in the industry. We carefully scan and map out millions of laser points across each corner and nook of your space. 3D laser scanning allows us to effectively ‘copy’ the measurements of a physical area so that we can create scan-to-point cloud files.

As there are so many points plotted out during scanning and registration, inaccuracy is drastically unlikely. 3D point cloud creation is generally ready within a few days of scanning, and with it, you will have a confident, hyper-accurate depiction of your space. This saves you time having to measure it yourself, and it effectively removes the risks that arrive with human error.

3D models allow you to plan on the go

With 3D laser scanning technology, there is no longer any need to worry about having to ‘undo’ any major work on site. In times gone by, many professionals will have completed installations on-site only to find that their measurements are out – even by a fraction! With 3D models and as-built 2D drawings, there’s no need to worry about the end results.

You’ll be able to plot and plan for project changes and progress with 3D point cloud data. This is provided to you following your survey, and it can be adapted to all manner of drawings and blueprints after registration. Measured building surveying allows us to help you create as-built 2D plans, 3D BIM models and more, all from a simple set of data which is captured and generated.

This also means you won’t have to keep travelling to and from your project site. Scan-to-point cloud data effectively grants you the ability to observe and edit your project on the go – great news in the day and age of remote working within building construction!

It’ll save you money

Crucially, a comprehensive survey with 3D laser scanning will cut the costs you’d otherwise incur through traditional measurement and planning means. For example, consider how much it may normally cost you to undo human errors, or to hire additional staff to help you get everything in order!

Building 3D models and creating as-built 2D drawings through laser scanning will effectively take away any stumbles or slowdowns you might experience during a project, too. You can start delivering confident, clear results and plans of action to your clients and team and get ahead of the deadline. That’s great news for anyone who really wants to wow the people they work with.

With the best 3D laser scanning company and leading 3D laser scanners, you can capture the biggest and most complex of spaces with stunning accuracy and confidence. The time and money you’ll save in doing so will be invaluable to both you and your clients.

So – take it from us – now is the time to start thinking about moving away from physical measurements, and more towards 3D laser scanning. To get the best out of a measured survey, you’ll need to work with a brilliant 3D laser scanning service in Bolton – and that’s where we come in.

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