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Here is all you need to know about Topographical Surveys

Here is all you need to know about Topographical Surveys

A topographical survey is undertaken by a land surveyor, using specialist surveying equipment such as Total Station (an instrument which measures points relative to the instrument location), GPS or 3D laser scanners. Using these instruments, a Land Surveyor can measure the location of all features with high precision. After conducting a topographical survey on a site, the land surveyors will process the data collected to form a map of the features measured during the survey. A topographical survey is a crucial component of any successful construction or engineering project. Position and height data recorded from the survey can help prevent costly problems such as building in unsuitable areas. Our Bolton topographical surveys will leave a number of fixed reference markers, such as nails in concrete which can later be utilised when setting out a new design so that elements such as foundations, brickwork, new trees and more, are in place in the correct positions.

What can a Topographical Survey Show?

Our detailed topographical surveys can clearly distinguish all features, including land features, property and physical boundary details within the area of interest. The following features can be shown by our topographical surveys:

  • Area boundary lines
  • Building and structures
  • Water channels
  • Trees, bushes and vegetation positions
  • Water levels
  • Ground heights, contours and surfaces

How will a Topographical Survey help you?

  • Optimising the positions for what you are designing, such as new buildings and structures.
  • Through our topographical surveys, you will get an in-depth and accurate picture of your building or plot of land. This helps minimise the risk of costly downstream mistakes arising from unforeseen issues. We us the latest laser scanning technology with some of the most efficient tools to capture accurate and reliable data and measurements.
  • Receive a comprehensive topographical survey to help you understand the land’s topography. With a proper knowledge of the land’s topography under and around a building structure, you will have an informed design process that avoids impacts of the land on your project going forward.
  • Our surveyors will provide you with final as-built 2D drawings and 3D models to help verify whether or not a construction was done in substantial conformance with relevant laws.
  • Conducting a detailed topographical survey reduces potential delays and costs incurred on objects identified later in the course of an ongoing construction project.
  • A topographical survey is essential as it can reveal any information that might be hidden from plain sight, such as the changes that might have occurred on an area over a period of time.

Why use Bolton Measured Survey?

Bolton Measured Survey delivers trustworthy topographical surveys across Bolton. Our extensive laser scanning technology enables us to provide you with swift, efficient and cost-effective survey solutions. In addition, our measured survey services are trusted by hundreds of clients across Bolton.

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