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What is AutoCAD and What is it For?

What is AutoCAD and What is it For?

Engineers, architects, and designers illustrate their ideas through pen and paper. But this old way has been replaced with technology and software like AUTOCAD.

The use of AutoCAD made the lives of architects and designers easier by making their designs into digital options with boosted efficiency from measured building surveys.

What is AUTOCAD?

AutoCAD is designed by Autodesk, a design software that allows users to draw and edit 2D and 3D designs. The computer-aided software was originally developed from the program called Interact.

The first version of the software was only for the use of basic designs and structures until the succeeding versions were able to support custom objects. Today, the modern version of AutoCAD supports varying application of programs for customisation and automation.

Currently, AUTOCAD is compatible with other programs and with expanded functionalities. For 2D design, AutoCAD has improved by creating dimensions automatically, the use of linkable forms, sharing feature to send a controlled copy of the design to team members, drawing history to compare past and present versions of the design, and more.

On the other hand, the 3D design features are more focused on rendering and compatibility.

AutoCAD being versatile software now allows designers to build anything that can be done manually but in a cleaner and more precise manner.
It gives designers the freedom to explore their creativity, become more productive, and come up with multiple designs quickly and efficiently.

Any design projects you have can be done with AUTOCAD and can be produced in the deliverable of your choice. Like what we do in Bolton Measured Survey, we provide speedy and accurate as built 2D AutoCAD drawings for your designs that you can rely on.

Uses of AutoCAD

Before the conception of AutoCAD, drawings and designs were done manually. The meticulous process of drawing the designs on drafting papers is now replaced with this drafting software to create efficient and accurate as-built 2D Drawings for professionals.

AutoCAD and as-built 2D drawings is used in different industries:

Architecture & Engineering

Structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and almost all engineers of various specialisations, and architects use AutoCAD to design, analyse, and address design problems preventing a costly redesign process.

Meanwhile, architects can get reliable blueprints and floor plans for residential and commercial buildings. This also comes with built-in tools that can analyse and identify design issues. Plus, architects and engineers can store their designs and drafts with speed and precision.


Graphic and fashion designers can take advantage of the versatility of AutoCAD to make 3D designs with ease and speed. It gives designers a realistic view and shape of their designs compared to simple drawings.


AutoCAD allows users to conceptualise their ideas, make product designs and drawings with a high level of accuracy. The use of this computer software also permits users to perform quick design calculations and simulations for custom manufacturing and mass production.

Benefits of AutoCAD for as-built 2D drawings

Utilising AutoCAD in your building design and planning project can provide multiple benefits. Here are some advantages that can make your process faster and easier.

Save Money and Time

– With an easy to navigate layout and features that can enhance your designs quickly and efficiently, organisations are able to finish projects within or earlier than the actual completion date allowing you to tackle more projects and reduce the risk of costly and time-consuming rework specifically for us being a 3D laser scanning

Safe Storage and Transfer of Data

– the software has a database to store all your drawings and designs that can be accessed anytime. This database will also keep records of all changes made to each design. Also, files can be uploaded online which can be shared to team members with just a click of the mouse.

Identify Design Problems

– the realistic 3D representation of your drawing can be viewed from different angles, making it easier to spot design flaws before the production or implementation process starts. Adjustments and changes in other design elements are also available to choose the best design that you are after.

In AutoCAD, designers do not have to go through the long process of manual drawing. It is easy to make adjustments and changes to the design.

When using AutoCAD in your projects, Bolton Measured Survey can do the job for you.

Your design team will never have to go through the rework or redesign process because AutoCAD will just make the tweaks on the existing drawing. Lastly, the margin of error is greatly cut down.

AutoCAD is a powerful tool regardless of what type of application you want to use it for. Being a trained and experienced laser scanning company, your organisation can greatly benefit from our services.

Receive detailed as-built 2D drawings such as floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, roof plans and site plans today, as our measured building survey company uses AutoCAD software to create efficient and precise plans. Contact our Bolton surveyors today!


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