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Straightforward Drone Surveying Service

Find exceptional drone surveying services and 3D aerial mapping services in Bolton through our professional 3D laser scanning team. We provide all solutions to your planning and management of the project, so you can complete a straightforward project and track every possible step of the way.

The advantages of Drone surveying

Capture everything

With the reputable equipment we use from trustworthy brands, we guarantee amazing results and complete information capture through aerial surveying.

Available Access

Some areas are difficult to survey and capture, however with drone surveying, allow simple gain of access on limited and restricted project and job sites.

Brilliant Quality

Our aerial equipment operates in 4K resolution and captures 20mp resolution through imagery. Footage will be of high-quality to translate into the required deliverables.

Secure Process

With a drone service, you can be confident with any sensitive environments being left unharmed and not damaged. This service is ideal for health and safety to workers and spaces.

2D Drawings in exceptional detail

Our drone survey services do not lack the accuracy and precision to create your point cloud and as-built 2D drawings. In fact, we use well-known and trusted brands to ensure that isn’t the case, even in harder to reach locations with restricted access. Find your key solution through aerial surveying and 3D mapping.

The importance of Laser Scanning Technology

3D laser scanning has become an integral part of the construction, design and engineering sector due to its reliability and efficiency. A vital solution to help you save time and cost and ensure the highest accuracy from the very beginning through your project’s final result. Find 3D laser scanning anywhere from measured surveys, drone surveying and producing reliable plans and models.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Carina Costa
Carina Costa
Super attentive company and brilliant service!


Surveying with confidence

Contact us for trustworthy drone surveying and other services within 3D Laser scanning.

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