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Exploring the world of Scan-to-BIM: Measured Surveys & BIM

All you need to know about Scan-to-BIM

A Scan-to-BIM process involves the use of a laser scanner to capture an accurate 3D scan of the real-world conditions on a particular project. The obtained scan data is then imported into a 3D modelling environment, creating either accurate as-built models, or informing the design with the new-world conditions. A scan-to-BIM enables the creation of a highly accurate three-dimensional digital representation of your building project in a reduced time span.

It is important to have precise measurements for a successful creation of accurate models. The accuracy of measurements and 3D model content in BIM-projects improves to new levels with 3D laser scans. Rely on our efficient scan-to-BIM survey in Bolton for a data-rich, connected as well as constructible workflow.

3D Modelling

The process of Scan to BIM

  • Scanning: A 3D laser scanner, that contains an eye-safe laser, rotating at high speed is placed on a tripod, is placed on a tripod. When the laser beam hits the solid surface, the position relative to the scanner is recorded as a 3D coordinate or point. Several of these points make a highly accurate digital picture, known as a point cloud. After the scanner collects sufficient points, colour images will also be captured for colourising the scans to create a realistic 3D representation.
  • Data is imported to a point cloud modelling software: The primary data in the point cloud is not visible enough, thus the point cloud is imported to point cloud modelling software to enhance visualisation, analysis, data management, and modelling.
  • Converting the Point Cloud to Scan-to-BIM: The point cloud data is extracted from the modelling software and imported to a scan-to-BIM authorised software such as ArchiCAD or Autodesk Revit, creating a BIM model. The software converts point cloud images into easy-to-use formats such as RCP, RCS, or PTS.

Benefits of a Scan-to-BIM Workflow

  • Our 3D scanned data results into accurate spatial data of the environment that generates precise data-rich BIM models.
  • Rely on our professional measured building surveys for a 360-degree photographic view of existing buildings and structures, capturing the texture of every material. This further helps in preparing the digital twins of an existing building and structures.
  • Scan-to-BIM data helps in the calculation of accurate Bill of Material (BOM) that reduces the chances of construction overruns.
  • Laser-scanned data generates Scan-to-BIM models utilised in the creation of as-built models for efficient use in facility management, maintenance and operation processes.
  • Precise BIM models obtained from point cloud data enables designers and building owners to make correct decisions on a renovation project.

3D LOD3 BIM Model

How we can help you

Bolton Measured Survey company delivers efficient measured surveys and 3D laser scanning. Depend on our expertise and experience and finalise your project in a convenient timeframe and schedule. Our measured building survey offers solutions to all your building and construction projects through our specialised processes and modern laser scanning technology.


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